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SHYDAL German Wirehaired Pointers


Pat and I are relatively new to the breed, but not to dogs. I started out in 1980 with Golden Retrievers and spent the next 15 years in the breed. My main interests were conformation and obedience. I did a little (very little) field work with one dog. Pat started out in 1975 with a different wife and Bullmastiffs. We met in 1990 at a dog show - where else. In 1995 we made the decision to get out of Goldens. We were "out of dogs" for a couple of years while we were researching other breeds. In 1997 we decided that German Wirehaired Pointers were the breed for us. It has been a decision that we are very pleased with.


To look to the future, one must examine the past.


All dogs at SHYDAL German Wirehaired Pointers are Obedience trained at Trimark Canine Services in Mississauga.
Their website is  www.trimarkcanineservices.ca   .